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I have one bad stick of Duel Channel RAM

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I have Corsair Value Select 1g Duel Channel RAM.

Serial: 07120523-3

Lot: 348612


One of my RAM is bad. I ran Mem test on each part of all the ram I have. The one that I have listed above gave me a problem. Now the other one is fine. But my system cant run 3 sticks of RAM just 1,2, or 4. I got this product on 4/4/2007 from Newegg. I had gotten another set previously and it has never given me any problems for 1year so far. This one however has. I am now stuck with 1 stick of 512 RAM that works and another that doesnt. And I cant use either of them. Help please. I want this product. Id take a replacement or otherwise. I didnt notice the problem till now since it seemed to only use this stick when I played certain games. I figured it was the game. But it wasnt. Help.

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