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Plz Help....?


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i have a asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo


got memory off Corsair XMS2 2GB Dual Channel Kit (2 x 1GB)

PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) DDR2 Memory

Matched pairs for dual channel motherboards. TwinX modules are tested in pairs, in DDR2 dual channel motherboards, at very aggressive latency settings for optimum performance and compatibility.


Device Type: 240-pin DDR2 DMM


RAM Capacity: 2GB (2 modules 1GB each)


Supply Voltage: 1.9 Volts


RAM Speed: 800MHz (PC2-6400)


Memory CAS Latency : 5-5-5-12


Black XMS2 Heatspreader




Limited Lifetime Warranty via Corsair


memory is running at lower spec ?, what do i do here to run this memory at 800mhz speed?


cpu i have is intel E6400 ...FSB of 1028 thx,

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what am i looking for ?


layout usally writing?


sorry am a rookie on this


again i had a look i dont see this?


i see dram voltage adjust =set to 1.90volts

speed set to 800Mhz i see this



third thing you meantion latency timmings i dont see in bios options advance?

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did this set to manual yes, menu opens up, but still i dont see this?


heres the manual with bios in it?



i took a screen grab from cpuz


for some reason memory is only stated up to 400mhz..,but the memory sticker on the side clearly says 800mhz?


whats going on here?


guy i got the memory from says? this


CPU-Z reports the DDR I/O frequency. 400Mhz is doubled for DDR2, which means the memory is running at 800MHz. See here:






this correct?


whats this mean only each module runs at 400 mhz then?



not 800mhz?



this is my memory


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