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Box Serial with RAM Serial?

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Hi Corsair,


After getting a few BSOD, I decided to run memtest and found my two sticks of RAM (CM2X1024-6400) getting an error during the run. It may or may not come up during the first pass, but definitely showed up after a few pass.


I went to my local authorized Corsair retail store with an RMA number, and they exchanged for another two sticks of RAM. I was somewhat skeptical of the exchange because they gave me the two sticks of RAM not in their original new plastic boxes, but with my old plastic boxes that came with the defective RAM.


My question here is if I call your technical support tomorrow (it is closed now), is it possible for you to tell me if the serial number of both RAM from the serial number of the box? If they match, then obviously they gave me the exact same two sticks of RAM, and there was no exchange.



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