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Lanparty ram limitation w 4 sticks & overclocking


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Currently I have an overclocked system, which is an AMD X2 3800+ 2.0Ghz @ 2.61Ghz & the ram overclocked (XL PRO - 2 x 512MB - 200mhz) to 237mhz w timings 2-3-3-7.


I was wondering if I can add 2 more sticks of XL PRO 2 x 512 with the same revision number (1.2)? I am asking this because I have changed the ram divider to overclock. So, when I see my BIOS screen on boot up, it reads DDR 333. Now when I read in the Lanparty manual for my NF4 UT Ultra-D board, it says that the mobo runs on DDR400, however, if you use all 4 ram slots the system will drop to DDR333.


Will anything change if I use all 4 slots?



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