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install xp on Corsair Flash Disk


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I want to ask that is it possible to install the whole xp on a Corsair flash disk? I see there is already large size flash disk like 8G which can store a whole xp. And do anyone know the steps to do this? In my mind, I will do the following for this task.


1. buy a Corsair Flash Voyager GT or Corsair USB Turbo Flash(which one is better for this purpose? Both of them claim 34M/read and 27M/write speed. My main concern is to build up a very good I/O operating system)

2. use HP usb tools to format the flash disk and make it bootable

3. put the XP installation cd on and boot up the pc, then install the xp on the flash disk partition.(actually I don't know whether the xp installation wizard can detect the flash disk at that stage.)

4. perform normal xp installation

5. change boot sequence in BIOS and make USB-HDD the first boot device.


Do anyone the above steps work or not?


many thanks.



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