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Bad Memorysticks

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I currently have 4 Corsair VS256MB400 Value Select 256Mb DDR PC3200 400MHz 184pin CL2.5. I had to change 2 of them cause they where broken when i got them. And now i think another is giving up.


Im so disapointed on Corsairs memorysticks. Ive used them because i thought it was good quality. Maybe i just got unlucky and got the mondaybuilt ones, Or they got hurt in the mail.

Next time im going to order memorysticks, wich will be rather soon i will order a different brand.


so totaly out of 6 memorysticks, 3 has broke down.:mad::mad:


Anyone else with the same trouble?

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The return rate is low for this part around less than 1/2 of one percent, so I think you just got unlucky or there is some other issue. Are all of the modules exactly the same in both part# and appearence since you got them at different times? And if you do an RMA again I would ask our customer service if they can replace and match them all.
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