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nforce2 - Abit NF7-S ver2 help


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I am putting together a new (or rebuilding) media server for home. The P3 800MHZ died on me. I have an Abit NF7-S ver 2 from an older build I did. I also have an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 400MHz cpu. Barton Core, 200MHZ fsb. I am not going to overclock this at all. I will leave the FSB at 200MHz and the multi at the stock 10.5. I am using 2 IDE 500GB hard drives and have an old geforce4 mx440 64mb graphics card that I'll put in there. The case is an HP E-ATX workstation case with lots of cooling!


Anyway, can I use Value Select in this system? I know nforce2 is sometimes a pain in the butt about what it will use, other times it's fine..... I just don't want to buy XMS for a server. I know it's great, but I can't justify that. Unless it is cheap I guess....




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