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Problematic motherboard, or PSU?


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I just purchased a new computer, and, unfortunately it doesn't boot properly. I've pretty much narrowed the problem down to either the CPU or the motherboard (I believe) - but wanted to check here that it wasn't likely to the the PSU anyway.


On starting the system there is power to all visible system parts for 10 seconds, after which time the system stops, and then restarts and power returns.


I've removed everything from the motherboard/power socket apart from CPU and RAM and the problem still occurs. Finally, I removed the motherboard from the case and put it stand alone to ensure there was no short, again the same problem occurred. I have also tried clearing the CMOS with no result either.


I've tested the PSU with a different system without a problem (my old parts - not checking booting or anything, just that they lasted longer than 10 seconds of power). But, the old system is just a large ATX / 4 pin 12V power ATX, so, might not be taxing the PSU as much.


If I only plug in the larger ATX power socket the problem does not occur (i.e. I don't put in the 4 or 8 pin secondary power socket) - but of course the system can't run like this.


I unfortunately don't have another core duo chip that I can test the system with. Are there any other tests you can think of that might help prove/disprove my motherboard theories (or show its the PSU that is the problem). Sadly I don't have a PSU that can be used with the new system as the parts don't match up :(


Thanks for any help you can give, otherwise its a month long returns process for me, which I really don't want!


PS: My key system specs are:

2 dual pair 2x1gb OCZ DDR2 1067MHz memory

BFG Geforce 8800GTS 640MB

Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6

Core Duo E6600

Corsair 580W PSU

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Turns out in the end it was solved by reseating the CPU/RAM and restarting the whole installation process from scratch!


Very glad it wasn't the PSU, which, as I install windows now, is running as quiet as a mouse - very impressed (though it didn't help when I was testing the PC as the only way that I could tell the PSU was working was to feel the airflow!)

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I have exactly the same problem, only that cycle takes 5 secs. I have the hx620w power supply, the latest asus p5k motherboard (P35 chipset) and E6600 processor.


I guess is time to unload the case and put pieces back together now ;)

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