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Right XMS3/XMS3DHX modules for ASUS P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi instead of other tested brands.


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I purchased an ASUS P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP mobo + E6700 Intel micro + 2SATAII 360 WD for a RAID0. XFX8800 GTX graphic card.

I was looking the ASUS QVL for this mobo recommended memory configurations. They only mention Samsung, Elpida or Nanya memory modules for it. On the other side, XXXXXXXXX had published their compatibility list on their site.


I wont buy any of those, I want buy some of your Corsair TWIN 2G DDR3 Kits. I am aware that you are still doing your own test for this new chip and mobo.

But You already have three DDR3 options for sale:

For XMS3:

TWIN3X2048-1333C9 PC310666 2GB Kit 9-9-9-24 240pin DIMM

TWIN3X2048-1066C7 PC38500 2GB Kit 7-7-7-21 240pin DIMM


TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX PC310666 2GB Kit 9-9-9-24 240pin DIMM

I would like to buy this last kit already on sale in newegg:



I understand that the available data is few, but I just want to know if choosing the last ones would be a problem or a right choice for this combo. I mean, without problems with potential good results. Or perhaps it would be better to stay just in the 1066 DDR3 option of your modules.

I will like your guideline and help cause I have had an excellent experience with your Corsair Dominator DDR2 800 on my AN9 32 mobo, and I want to follow this Corsair path.

I would appreciatte your advise and suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.


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Those would be a great choice, and I am sorry I don't have the settings posted I will try and get that done this week. If not just call us when you have the memory and we will help you 800-205-7657!

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Hello Ram Guy, roger and thank you for the tip. just a last question, why the 1333 models have so high latency?, is that something normal that we would expect for this systems or its a matter of maturity and we will see lower latencies in the upcoming versions?

Thanks again for your clarification.

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