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CWC100 on socket AM2?


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Hi All,


I've been using the "Cool by Corsair (CWC100)" on an Asus socket 939 motherboard with an Athlon 64x2 cpu and everything has been working great. I purchased a new motherboard that uses a socket AM2. Will the mounting hardware I'm currently using for the socket 939 work with the socket AM2 motherboard?


If not is there mounting hardware for a socket AM2 motherboard contained in the kit?


Thank you in advance

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Well, I removed my old socket 939 board and got ready to install the new one, but ran into a snag with the holddown for the water block. The old socket retention frame had 2 screw holes - one on each side (if you take a look at the A8N32SLI Deluxe board on Asus's site you can see what I mean.


In this configuration the water block holddown worked just fine. However the new board (Asus Crosshair - socket AM2) has 4 screw holes - one in each corner. The retention frame is pretty much totally different than the 939 retention frame. The existing hold down will not work, nor does it look like any of the hold downs included with the kit will work either (there is one with a place for 4 screws - but they don't line up at all - the hold down is not wide/long enough to reach the retention frame screws.


Not sure if I'm really explaining this correctly, but In a word - I'm stuck between boards :). Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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