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Need RMA? - Dead, 1of4, 1024-8500C5D

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Hi Ram Guy,

Just to confirm before using TechXpress, I have 4, 1GB sticks of TWIN2X1024-8500C5Dv1.2 on a P5B-Deluxe with 5/5/5/15 timings. Started getting errors and flakey reboots and lockups. Memtest86 v1.7 revealed consistant failure on Test-2 / Pass 0 / 0000f71396c-247.1MB. Retested 1 matching pair of RAM (2x1GB) which came up good. Tested 2nd pair (2x1GB) which came up bad. Tested each stick (one at a time) of bad pair in slot 0. One of these sticks tested bad (the other one was good) with same error. Think it's time to RMA?


BTW, which is better/faster way to RMA, TechXpress or RMA-form?




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E6700 @ 266 CPU, x10, DDR2-800, 5/5/5/15 (Precharge write delay 15), 2.15v, etc... Again, the 3 other sticks test good, only this one stick would fail immediately in Memtest. This pair with the bad stick is only a few days old from NewEgg. The Good pair, bought almost a month ago, continue to function without issue.



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