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Corsair HX620W doesn't like ASUS A8N32-SLI deluxe motherboard?!


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My computer refuse to turn on (only case fan connected directly to the PSU) turns and the fan of the PSU fan itself. YET, I CAN make it work, if I plug the "EZ Plug" (an additional power connector on the motherboard in case you have 2 video cards which doesn't take additional power (example of those video cards: Geforce 6600, 7600).

Yet, I ONLY have 1 video card, which is a Geforce 6600GT PCI-Express.)


Please note, the EZ_Plug (as it is called in the motherboard manual, is a simple 4 pin plug, the same used to plug non-SATA optical drive and IDE Hdd's, it's shape is rectangular)


If I plug my old Antec TruePower 2.0 480W ATX 2.0, the computer works perfectly without the need to plug the power cable into the EZ_PLUG power connector. This is expected as I have (like I said, previously) only 1 video card. My motherboard says it support ATX 2.0 power supply and later. Yes, I made sure and triple check that ALL the connectors are well attach on all devices, specially on the motherboard. Even if I leave the computer at bare minimum (without a graphics card), the computer refuse to turn on without the EZ_plug power connector attached.


The motherboard manual state: "These connectors are for ATX power supply plugs. The power supply plugs are designed to fit these connectors. This patented ASUS technology (EZ_Plug) is a 4-pin auxiliary +12V connector that is designed to maintain the voltage integrity of your system. This plug guarantees adequate supply of power to the motherboard and other installed peripheral." Later on it says, "NOTE: When using two graphics cards without auxiliary power plugs, do not forget to connect a 4-pin ATX power plug to the EZ_plug otherwise the system will be unstable."


My motherboard has 3 power plugs:

1- the ATX12V

2- the 24-pin EATXPWR

3- the EZ-Plug


Now that won't technically worry me as I was able to turn on the computer, it is that just my older (1 year old) PSU with is MUCH less powerful (480W only) can turn on the computer properly without any issues, WITHOUT attaching this auxiliary motherboard power connector (the EZ_Plug connector). As for the Corsair 620WHX PSU, I need to attach the EZ_PLUG connector to make the computer turn on.


I saw on the box that you mention that this PSU is ATX 2.20. So I wonder, is this normal as my motherboard is ATX 2.0 supported, and the PSU is ATX 2.20?


So again I ask, is all this normal, and should not worry? Or should I RMA it?

All I want to know, if this is normal, or not.


The reason why I purchased this Power Supply is to have enough power to have use a Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB Overclocked Edition by EVGA. This video card will be ordered shortly.


P.S: Like I said, I currently use the Corsair 620WHX PSU, as I was able to run perfectly the computer, and it runs fine under heavy LOAD without noticeable instability.


Thanks in advance!

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After more testing I discovered that without the EZ_PLUG power connector attached all my fans turn, including CPU but at low speed. Also, I see the motherboard green light turn on.


So basically, without this EZ_Plug attached, the BIOS won't launch, like if power is missing on one of the plugs, and the motherboard needs to draw the missing power from this additional plug. Yet, it only needs to draw this extra power only at startup, as if you look at the reported power lanes (view previous post) all is fine.


Could this be caused due that the power supply auto-detects the wall voltage, so it startup for 220V and then adjust to my area voltage which is 110-120V

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I don't think think so...


I already tested for that...

- computer speaker

- 2 computers (mine and a Athlon XP)

- wireless mouse

- modem

- desk lamp

- 12amp vacuum

- 2 CRT monitors

I think that's a nice stress test don't you think ;)

Having all that running all the same time, and I see no problem. Even my plug tester says that all connections on wall plug and power-bar including ground are fine.


Also, my computer performs great under HEAVY LOAD.


I send an support ticket to you guys, and I got the fallowing:

Our 620HX PSU actually meets the newest ATX 2.4 standard and of course it is also backward compatible with the older standard as well. Many spec changes have been applied to the newer standard for various benefits to today system. Some older motherboards may require the 4 pin AUX power to sustain the full functionality of the motherboard, however it should not cause any problems as ATX 2.4 is fully backward compatible. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.


So, I guess it's fine. And I mean a 5 year warranty on the PSU, really doesn't worry me :)


So I guess it's fine now... I just hope it won't cause issues when I insert my Geforce 8800GTS 640MB OC, when I'll get it.



BTW, please allow me to express my great satisfaction on your technical support, and great product. The second I opened the PSU box and touch it I really feel quality in my hand. It was solid, and having the screws painted black, really shows how you consider small details important. It makes my old Antec PSU look like his el-cheapo product of a value of 5$. Specially the packaging really adds value too. Technical support is well the best I saw so far. Fast, and intelligent response. I really must say that Corsair products truly are worth every penny.


Thank you very much.

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