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Dear RamGuy, I took your advice and bought a 1Gb stick of XMS1024-3200C2 for my Asus A7V600 and it took me a while in CMOS, but I think I got it straight. At least it is posting and running Windows XP. My question pertains to my CMOS. What I had to do just to get it to post was set all configs pertaining to the memory correct I think, from what I read is the following:


Motherboard---------------------Asus A7V600

CPU------------------------------AMD 3200XP+ Barton Core


SDRAM Config---------------------User Define

SDRAM CAS Latency---------------2.5T(DDR)

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay----------3T

SDRAM Precharge Delay------------3T

SDRAM Active Precharge Delay-----6T

SDRAM 1T Command Control--------Disabled

SDRAM Bank Interleave-------------Auto


CPU Speed------------------------[2200MHz]

CPU Freq. Multiple-----------------[11.0x]

CPU External Frequency (MHz)------[200/33]

Memory Frequency-----------------[400]

CPU Vcore Setting------------------[Manual]

Cpu Vcore--------------------------[1.65v]

DRAM Voltage----------------------[2.75v]


DRAM Burst Length 8QW------------[Off] - I had to turn this off to post

Rank Interleave---------------------[Auto]


Can you see anything that I need to change or anything that you think I should change? I don't understand DRAM Burst Length 8QW and why I had to turn it off or do I? I would appreciate anything you could help me with or suggest. Thanks a bunch....




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Those settings look ok to me, that is strange about the (DRAM Burst Length 8QW------------[Off] - I had to turn this off to post) needed to be set to disable to post the system, can you test the module in another system?
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No I don't have another system equal or close to being equal around to test it with that set to enabled. What about the Rank interleave? Know anything about that and also the 1T command having to be set to disabled? I assume because the settings for the memory are 2T, is that correct?. Any other recommendations I would appreciate. I do know this, my Windows and Internet Explorer are running a lot faster than when I had the CMX512-2700LL running, even though that memory is suppose to be a lot faster isn't it? Thanks for your input and I am glad that I was able to get it running, I just want to make sure it is running at maximum speed. Thanks again!!!



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