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Nautilus 500 online Manual not there


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I had a couple of Hydrocools that worked great and now I'm thinking of getting a Nautilus 500. Unfortunately, the link to the on-line manual in the product page does not go to a pdf, it goes to the forums.


What I want to look up is info on the Nautilus 500 connection to an Intel 775 mount. And the online demo is for an AMD, not Intel.


I just bought an ASUS P5B and an Intel 6600 and haven't attached the Intel stock heatsink retainer to the motherboard yet. Does the Nautilus use the standard Intel retainer or what? In the past the Intel retainers were awful to get off once installed.


People on NewEgg reviews have concerns about the 775 mounting, so that's why I want to read up.

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We just put up a new web page and some of the links still need to be updated, I have requested that be done ASAP, so please check a bit later today and you should be able to get the manual.

And it does come with the bracket for both AMD and Intel.

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