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After 2-ish years of 24/7 full load operation my socket 939 system bit the dust.

But of course it wasnt the corsair ram that did it. THat 1Gb XMS3200LL ran flawlessly for all that time.

Twaz a dead bios of all things that made it die.


Given the aging nature of that system (and unavailability of socket 939 AGP motherboards), i bit the bullet and decided to upgrade.

And given the outstanding service that Corsair DDR RAM has given me in the past i had to choose corsair again.

So soon ill have a NEW rig to play with:



TT big Typhoon cooler (from the old pc)

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4

2x320GB hdd

ECS 8800GTS 320mb.

and of course: Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4


I have the ram infront of me now... just need a few more bits and im away!

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Apologies for the lengthy delay.

Back to RAM Overclocking.


my GA-P35-DS4 has a load of timings for memory.

It will do 4,4,4,12 just fine with 2.1v outta the box.


With some tweaking it will also do 4,4,4,10 at the same voltage, memtest3.3 stable for an hour.


Changing the Cas Latency (4) to 3 it doesnt like, havnt tried DRAM RAS to CAS at 3 or RAS precharge to 3 yet.


Im just wondering if changing any of the other settings will make any difference. Ive noticed the Dual core Conroe system seems less fussy about tight memory timings than the old AMD rig.


Does anyone have any info as to what (if any) changing the following memory timings will do performace wise?

(numbers in brackets are default values)


ACT to ACT tRCD (3)

Rand write to read delay (3)

Write to Precharge (6)

Refresh to ACT (42)

Read to Precharge (3)

tRD (7)

TRD phase alignment (25)

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okay doay. im not really concerned with getting cas3.

its more the other settings that i wonder what they do.


With other system specs the FSB is 400, ram ratio 2:1, multiplier to 8x running happily at 3.2Ghz, with only a minor core voltage boost to be totally stable 24/7 3.2Ghz at 1.375v

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