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CM2X1024-8500C5D - Rev 1.3?

Richard Dower

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RAMGuy, i just got my new 2GB kit and running them on my Gigabyte P35-DQ6 with the latest F4 bios. My question is this..CPU-Z shows the module number as listed above, but isin't C5D as in Dominator?


I ordered the non Dominator model:




Is CPU-Z displaying correct?, maybe it's the same modules as the Dominator minus the fancy heatsinks.


Also, i got Rev 1.3....can you tell me what differences there are with the various revisions?


Btw...the memory does work at 1066MHz by default, the bios detects the modules and runs them 1066MHz automatically using a FSB/DRAM ratio



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The SPD should be the same if its a dominator or not and 1.X are Micron based any other revision difference is some other minor change that is not important. IE we may have used a different makers resistor or capacitor or different PCB.
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