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Smpsu-520hx & Sli 8800gts


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Hello all


I've heard a few rumors about the 520hx. Could someone verify if this is true?


1) It will run a 8800gts sli configuration.


2) At its peak performance it can operate at 48 amps and upwards of 650watts


X-bit labs has a psu calculator. For my configuration, if I got an sli motherboard and 2 8800gts 640mb. The recommended psu wattage for my system according to them was 625 w. My Overclocked opty 165 was is said to drain 166watts.

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I already got the 520hx model. So that would run it with my config at the estimated 625w? or will I need to get a bigger psu, it sounds like it would be very close.


Also, would it be possible to trade it in with you, and pay the difference for the 620hx model?


I'm not sure how that works exactly. I purchased this one from buy.com. and I doubt they will refund my money. I guess I could sell it on ebay.


Thanks for your help and time!

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry we do not sell direct and do not have any way to do any type of upgrade.


I would just try the system and you should be fine but if the time comes I would suggest using our HX620W for Two 8800 Video cards.

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