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new hx-620 low voltages


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I just purchased your power supply from zipzoomfly based on many great reviews. I am running an ASUS P5n32-e sli main board with an E6600 and 2 X 7900gs XFX video cards in SLI, 2 gb mem, 3 sata hard drives, big typhoon cooler, DVD-rw and floppy, and a few fans All overclocked of course.


Since the first install my PS voltages have always been low according to ASUS probe, directly on the bios reading, and speed fan, and all read the same.


12v = 11.78

5v = 4.81

3.3v = 3.25


They don't seem to go below that but it concerns me that they are that low to begin with and I have not put a serious load on this PS yet. I think what I listed is pretty standard. What if I wanted more case fans, lights, or 2 8800gtx video cards.


This initial low voltage concerns me and I was wondering if an RMA is in order as this may be a defective PS.:confused:

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