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Asus P5WD2 + VS1GB667D2


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I've got 4 modules and they seem to work. The problem: the BIOS recognizes 4 GB, but with WinXp only 3GB are available.


Looking on the web I've seen the limit of 4GB on WinXp 32 bit, but why does the OS detect only 3GB?


Should I upgrade or set something?

Any suggestions or work-arounds?

Did I buy 4 modules of this memory for nothing?



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A 32bit operating system will not allow any single application to use more than 2GB of memory (due to address name shortages).

Theoretically yes other programs could use the rest of your ram, however..


The system gets in to have a share first. Most 32bit XP installations will not see more than 3GB (usually 2.75GB)

For 32bit Operating systems it is faster to have 2GB, than 4GB.


The only reason you would want more than 2GB on a 32bit operating system is if you are running several applications that require vast amounts of memory (servers for example).


I hope this helps.


XP is a good place to get your system stable before buying x64 Vista though, so its not for nothing.



There are "work-arounds" for XP and more than 3GB but I would not advise them.

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