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SD or SDHC? that is my question.


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I've been asked to buy a large and fast Secure Digital card, specifically Class 6 SDHC. After an hour of clicking around, I came to the conclusion that if you want...


the speed - go for SD

the capacity - go for SDHC


So am I right here, or should I be taking more into consideration?

The reason I'm getting confused is the Corsair don't offer any Class 6 devices at the moment, and don't seem to rave about the Class 2 speed anywhere. I assumed Corsair were always at the peek of the market. Also the Class 2 and Class 6 speeds guarantee minimum 2MB/sec and 6MB/sec "transfer" not read and write. I'm also looking at the words "Class 6 SDHC" and think, "This is the latest and greatest, therefore this must be the best and only choice".




some research notes:



Corsair 2GB 133x SD card (15.5MB/sec write and 20MB/sec read)

Pretec 4GB 133x SD card


Corsair 4GB Class2 SDHC card (no specific speed info anywhere?)

SanDisk 4GB Class6

Lexar 4GB Class6


The basic difference between SD and SDHC is that SD is FAT16 and SDHC is FAT32. FAT16 has a maximum limit of 2GB or 4GB (depending which OS you use), therefore FAT32 is used to extend the capacity.


And the difference between SDHC Class 2 & 6 is that:

Class 2 guarantees minimum transfer speed of 2MB/sec

Class 6 guarantees minimum transfer speed of 6MB/sec







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  • Corsair Employees

Both SD & SDHC offer the same speed bandwidth (up to 20MB/s). SDHC have two new features:

Higher capacity support (up to 32GB)

Classifications of data transfer



Background and Product Positioning

Corsair's 4GB SDHC card is extremely small yet remarkably fast and reliable. Rated as a Class 2 SDHC device, whether you need more storage for digital pictures, MP3s, your cellular phone or PDA, the Corsair 4GB SDHC card will deliver a lifetime of satisfaction. Corsair Secure Digital cards are also available in a variety of capacities including 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and now 4GB.


4GB SDHC Product Features

• Extremely small: 24 x 32mm

• Class 2 SDHC device

• Ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life

• 10 year warranty



Corsair’s 4GB SDHC card supports the new SD format, SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity). The SDHC format allows capacities in excess of 2GB (4GB to 32GB). SDHC uses the same form factor as SD, but only SDHC cards can only work with SDHC compatible host devices. However, SDHC readers are backwards compatible with SD cards. Users are encouraged to look for the SDHC logo to ensure proper compatibility.

Note:* 4GB SDHC cards only work with SDHC compatible host devices

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Many thanks for your feedback Mr RAM Guy. I found one more page which helped shed some light on the subject.




Then again... it's hard to know which one of those guys' advice to take. I don't think I'm anywhere closer to choosing an 133x or 150x SD card or a Class 2 or Class 6 SDHC.



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