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Additional memory to my twinX1024 4400C25


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With my system:


MSI K8N NEO Platinum MS-7030

AMD Athlon64 3000+

Corsair 1GB TwinX 1024 4400C25 CMX512-4400c25

NVIDIA eGeForce 6800

MSI website States:

Main Memory

Supports 3 slots for 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM modules.

• Supports the memory size up to 2GB.

• Supports unbuffered non-ECC DDR 400/333/266.

• Supports a maximum memory size of 2GB for DDR400

• Supports a maximum memory size of 3GB for DDR333


What type of memory should I add for it to be compatable with the MB that supports 2GB and there are only 3 memory slots?


Thanks, Yuetgoo

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Isn't it possible to use a higher clock memory (say a PC5400) working at the speed of a PC3200?


Or will it be a compatibility problem?


If PC5400 DDR memory ever existed, it must have been extremely rare. Current PC2-5400 modules are of the DDR2 variety, which are NOT electrically or physically compatible with any DDR motherboard since DDR slots on desktop motherboards have only 184 pins while DDR2 desktop memory modules have 240 pins.

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