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PLEASE HELP ME. New build, keep getting BSOD during Windows XP install...


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:eek:Recently put together a new system. I'm sure everything is hooked up correcty... just to get that possibility out of the way. ;)

Here are the components


2 x 1 gb Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 1066 ram

ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard

Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme processor

EVGA Nvidia 8800 GTX 768 mb video card

150 gb Western Digital Raptor 10k rpm hard drive

850 watt Thermaltake Tough Power psu


Cooler Master Stacker 830 case

Zalman 9700 cpu cooler

7 120mm case fans



When trying to install Windows XP, I keep getting BSOD errors. They happen right around the step of the installation where the computer reboots before installing all the Windows components.


A couple of the BSOD erros I kept getting are:




(I can't remember whether I got both of the IRQL ones or just one...)


I've updated the BIOS on the motherboard to the most current version 1102. I've also tried using a different video card, ram, and hard drive.

I've also tried using a few different Windows discs and even tried installing Vista, but had the same problems.

I came to the conclusion that the motherboard was at fault, so I RMA'd it back to the company I purchased from. I should have the new one this week.


I'm really desperate at this point to get this machine working. Even though I tried another set of ram, I still ran into problems during Windows installation.

Does it sound like my Corsair Dominators could possibly be to blame?

Should I try to RMA them while I still have time?



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Not to seem impatient, but can someone offer some help please??

It is killing me having this brand new rig sit here and stare me in the face, but not be able to use it!


Someone out there has to have some info to share... right?


Should I try to RMA the memory or do you think the new motherboard will solve the problem?

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What is the errors you are getting in Memtest? And have you tested the modules one at a time?




I haven't run Memtest yet. When I get the new motherboard in, if that doesn't solve the problem, I will run memtest and post my results back here.

I did swap out the Corsair Dominators and try some other RAM that I know to be working, but still got the same errors...which led me to think that the RAM wasn't at fault.

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RAM Guy,


OK... new motherboard came in today and I am installing Windows XP right now.. hopefully I will get all the way through the install.


If everything works, given my hardware specs, what would you recommend the final RAM settings to be?


All help is much appreciated! :biggrin:


Thank you!

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Get the latest Bios and then load setup defaults and set the memory Voltage to 2.2 Volts and set the CPC/Command Rate to 2T and set SLI Ready Memory to CPU 0% should be all you need to set
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