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Corsair Hydrocool Coolent options


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i currently own a hydrocool water cooling unit however i have had it for little over a year now and the tempritures are starting to rise and i figure its time to chage the coolent. After rereading the manual which says to use corsair coolent ONLY. I am yet to finde any were that reatilas this product online or offline. however it seems starge to me that the unit can ONLY use this coolent, i would have thought that other addtives could be used. However i am note sure of the exact make up of the system and what the parts were made of, so this is my questions, can ne real collent be used in the hydrcool. (like [url]http://www.cooltechnica.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=H2O-Add[/url]) by this i mean can it be used with out damageing/rusting and then have hte warity ppl say it voided becuase a differnt coolant was used
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