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Hi All,


This is my first post here, so appologies if I'm not quite up to speed.


I'm having a problem with an Asus (Sheesh, everyone with the Asus problems) M2N32-SLI Preimum Vista Edition (Damn, that's a mouthful) with XMS2 Dominator RAM, currently 2*1GB sticks. When I put in an additional 2, the mobo won't even post. Just sits there beeping at me. With 3 sticks in, boots Windows (Vista x64 Ultimate) and prompty gives me the dreaded BSOD citing MEMORY_MANAGEMENT as the cause.


Having spoken to ASUS (alot) about this, they told me to try the latest BIOS (402) which made no difference, and then told me to contact Corsair in order to get the 'correct memory configuration settings for the Bios', before I go and start hasstling the tech boys about it, I wondered if any here knew the settings I'm supposed enter...


Cheers for any help you can give,


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