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Overclocking and adding ram

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Hello everyone,


I currently have an overclocked system and I am looking to add more Corsair XL PRO ram (2 x 512).


I asked this question on another forum and it was stated that:


"OCed AMD processors do worse with more sticks due to the memory controller being right on the die. With AMD, the less sticks, the better! At least when it comes to OCing!"


and another's response was:


"socket 939 usually does not play well with 4 sticks of ram."


I was sort of fine with that, but then I came across this forum and thought I'd get a second opinion.


Thank you :biggrin:

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Ditto Wired's post, plus you'd need to find a second set of XL Pro's that exactly match (right down to the version number) the set you already have or they may not be able to run at 400 (let alone overclocked), dropping to 333 or 266 instead. You'd be better off with a matched 2x1gig kit if you're planning on overclocking.
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