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i m also having the same issue with mine.. PSU getting very hott i have the same PSU the thing dont even spin up during load. i have a 8800gtx raid 0 ect. and it always seems the psu fan never spins up and gets very hott. i started getting randon shut downs and BSOD's out of no where. also the psu started to created this very high pitched buzz when shutting down it does it for like a second like its losing power really fast.. i changed out the psu and no more bsod's and the high pitch buzz is gone when shutting down so i kno it was coming from the psu.. also the fan not spinning up really worries me.. i would like to RMA this PSU.. isn;t the fan suppose to spin up during heavy load and gaming? all my older psu's did.. there must b something wrong
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