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A7N8X Ram Placement (Dual Channel)


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I would like to just remind everyone how important the ram location is in regard to the slots.

For some reason I put my ram in the 2 BLUE slots after some spring cleaning.

For a few months now I have been running it that way and today I picked up a new CD rw disk and figured I would give the ram a check with memtest before it gets hot here.

Well I booted the cd and left for a bit and came back and there was errors galore.

I was a bit worried and thought "maybe even corsair dies eventually".

Then I killed the power and removed the rams and put them both in single channel mode, (first closest slots).

No errors, then I put them in the opposite color slots, (black and the farthest blue).

I ran the test 3 pass's all tests no problem!!


I couldn't see this ram dying and it isn't, I just had to let everyone know and how easily things could be messed up, a good idea to have memtest and test every so often.



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What is the make and model of your PSU and what is the hardware revision of your MB?


It's a super flower.

My mobo is A7n8x deluxe rev 2


I was just making a comment, my ram is great, a bit faster now too.


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