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Problems Obtaining 8pin PCIe Cable


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I have followed your advise, but have not heard anything.


I sent an email on 5/19/07 to warranty@corsairmemory.com and CC. it to: Ramguy@corsairmemory.com and haven't heard anything.


On 5/30/07 I took your suggestion and called your customer service at 888-222-4346 ext 0 at 11am CST (9AM PST) and was told I need to email No Allowed. So I just sent one off and CC you again.


Is there anything else I need to do? Are these cables available for purchase anywhere?


I really need this cable

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Please allow up to 3-5 business days for the item to ship out. Email me at ramguy@corsairmemory.com on Friday if you have not received an update by then.


I received an email from Joseph tonight. The cables are out of stock until 6/15. The cable is free, but there is a $4.00 shipping charge.


That's cool with me :D:


Thanks for the follow up Ram Guy. It's appreciate and one of the reasons I buy Corsair RAM and Power Supplies. Your Customer Service is outstanding!

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Am in the same boat. Live in Ireland. Received email from Corsair about a month ago about cables being out of stock and have heard nothing since. Unfortunately lost the email, so I guess I just email warranty again ?
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Thanks RamGuy. Just sent warranty an email and copied you. Hopefully they will remember me contacting them before about this. And I asked them to give me a tel no. and reference no. so I can ring up and pay for the shipping over the phone with credit card.



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I have a similar problem to some on the posts on this forum, but I would like to address it here if the initial poster doesn’t mind.

I have just made a brand new computer for my brother while picking the 620W PSU from you.

Since I am rather new regarding the whole computer universe and all, it’s more or less learning on the way as it goes.

I did plan to use the 8 Pin provided by your PSU to power my HD 2900 XT GPU, but to my negative surprise, it did not fit.

I assume there is some vital difference between an 8 pin and an 8 pin express, voltage?

So I hear your shipping out a cable to solve this minor problem, which I would very much like and I assume the GPU agree with me.

But how is the construction of this cable?

If it’s from a 6 pin to an 8 pin express, won’t you receive the exact same value by the end of the day?

Or would it be possible to simply get some sort of adapter from a 8 pin to a 8 pin express?


Unfortunately I work pretty strange hours these day, which perfectly overlap the time frame I have to call a customer support, so a potential answer here and advise what to do would be great.

As I am from Norway, I haven’t been able to locate similar service in my region and time zone.


Thank you.

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