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Faulty stick of TwinX CMS3200C2PT, please help! :D


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Hello there, on 07/08/06 I bought a load of components and pieced together a new pc. Everything was working fine for a while, but the machine started to randomly hang, or reset itself, beeping from the system speaker. I ran a full virus check which came up clean so my thoughts next went to the RAM.


I have 2x1GB of Corsair DDR TwinX CMS3200C2PT, and it would seem that one of the sticks is faulty. I tried using only one stick at a time and with one of them there are no problems, but when the other is insterted the machine will not start and simply emits beeps from the system speaker.


Ive tried the sticks in dual channel in both slots A1 and B1, and A2 and B2 combinations in the MB, and problems only seem to be occuring when the faulty stick is present.


I'd be very grateful if I could get the part replaced!


Thanks for your time,



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