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2G Flash Voyager Not Working


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Please Help, my flash drive just stopped working. I plugged it into my computer and when I go to open it, it wants me to format it. I don't want to format it because I need the information that is on there. Is there anyway I can get the information? Again Please Help! Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the help Ram Guy but i was unable to get my data off. (Gonna always have an up to date backup now) I now have a new problem. I formated the drive and now every time I put the drive into a computer is asks to be formated again. I think it may have gone bad. What are my options to get it fixed or replaced? Thanks again.
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If u still want to recovery your data from formated hard drive then you can try

Stellar Phoenix Deleted File recovery software is the most comprehensive file undelete and unerase software for Windows.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted File Recovery can recover data from various File types and storage media including:


* Hard Drives

* Floppy disks

* Zip Disks

* Digital camera cards

* USB Drives

* Any other storage device whose drive letter is displayed in Windows "My computer".


First download the demo version of the software from: http://www.stellarinfo.com/deleted-file-recovery.htm


If the demo shows you the lost data then to save it get the full version.


If your data is valuable then you can use this data recovery software.


Hope it will solve your purpose.

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