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Twin2X2048-6400 stick refuses to boot

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I recently purchased a Twin2X2048-6400 kit from Umart Milton (Brisbane, Australia). Since getting it home I've found that one stick of the two won't allow the computer to boot. I've tried using both sticks, just the one, and moving the troublesome stick to different slots. None of these tricks work. My other stick, however, performs wonderfully. It'll boot fine and I can run several passes of memtest on it without issue.


When using the suspicious stick, I'll often get into the first bios screen (where it lists the processor, ram, etc and says "Press Delete to enter setup), but often shortly after this it will hang, usually during the "quick" memory test. I can't even get into the bios setup screens while using this stick.


The other stick will work fine when in the exact same ram socket with the exact bios settings.


I think one half of the pair is bad. Can I file for RMA? How do international RMAs work, anyway? Would I be better served going back to Umart?


EDIT: After trying a few times I got it to boot memtest with the bad stick - errors galore. I guess that confirms it.

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Please ask your reseller and see if they will help you, if not then you can submit them to use directly and I would suggest getting them replaced as a set.

Average time out of the USA is 7-10 Business days.

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