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4GB Flash Voyager GT - Is This Fixable?

Frozen Death

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Hi. I recently, accidently, had my 4GB Flash Voyager GT stopp working. Don't ask about this bit, but drunken night out lead to going in some river, and I reckon this is the cause of my device not working anymore, afterall water never really liked electrical components.


I have put it in several times now with a device not recognised, but this time I got a this device works faster in a USB2.0 socket message (even though it was in one), but it was still unaccessable. Wierd thing is, when I was in the water, the cap was on, so what happened to the undefeatable product I thought I was getting? I heard it could get run over, thrown about, and put through the washing machine and tumble dryer. My mobile phone even managed to survive going through the river, no damage what-so-ever, and that's got open sockets showing, so I'm impressed with my phone on that.


Anyway, to the point, is it possible to get my 4GB Flash Voyager GT working again? I mean what damage can water really do if the device hadn't even been used for days (no electricity going through it - can't short circuit anything), surely it'd just have to dry off then it'd be fine. Otherwise am I screwed and have to fork out another £30 or so to rebuy it? Or does falling in a river with device with cap on cover the warranty? >.>

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