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POOR Support - RMA replacement wrong and BAD!


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I'm one VERY unhappy customer - I've bought 7-8 sets of top end memory from Corsair in the past year or so, believing that Corsair are a good company to deal with. I also regularly specify memory for customers and colleagues of mine. So far over my first RMA, this is certainly NOT the case.


I submitted an RMA (1005029) from the UK to USA for a:


Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400 Twin2X (2x1GB)


set of modules - a matched Twin2X pair.


Couple of weeks later I received two individual 1Gb sticks as a replacement i.e. NOT a matched pair and NOT Twin2X. Even worse was the fact that these two modules had different version numbers (v5.1 and v4.1) and were made in different countries (USA and Taiwan). I was told by tech support that these modules will work OK together.


Ignoring the fact for now that I've received an inferior part to that sent back, I fitted them and booted XP. Just at the point of graphics initialisation I got a STOP 0x00000050 error. :mad:


I then tried manual setting of memory timings in the BIOS (this PC is NOT overclocked at all) - 5 5 5 12 and manual memory voltage of 1.9V. This made no difference and I always get the same STOP error with these modules.


I put back my temporary TWIN2X1024-5400C4 modules I've been running on while this RMA is under way and XP boots and works fine again.


I'm VERY unhappy to have been sent an inferior (cheaper!) product and from different manufacturing/assembly processes/countries. I'm also very disapointed with the support received from Corsair and will think twice about specifying memory from Corsair again.


To make matters worse, I sent a couple of emails to tech support 4 days ago but have had no reply (although I have received an email notification saying my messages have been deleted?!).


I am unwilling to pay for International shipping yet again for this replacement - please escalate this issue as I wish it to be resolved quickly. I will forward this message via email to your tech support department.



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I am sorry that you are having problems with us, I have sent our Customer Service a message and asked them to contact you ASAP. But I would suggest calling them at 510-657-8747 Ext "0" and ask for a supervisor.

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