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VS1GBKit400 with big problem.


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Hi All,


In 2004 I bought a Corsair Kit VS1GBKit400 ans it was running without problem until last month.


Last month, I was working with my computer when suddenly it restart. After that my computer doesn't start normally, even I could enter in a BIOS.


During the boot process I got all bits correctly but computer freeze showing the BIOS of Video Card on the screen.


I sent my motherboard to support and the guys said to me that the BIOS was corrupt and rewrite a new BIOS. So, I got my computer and it was restart without any problem.


Passed two days the computer was problem again. the same symptom. But this time I sent all my computer to support.


For my surprise the problem was the same, BIOS corrupted. But with all computer the suppport guys could check every item in the system and return to me that the memory stick is bad.


So I bought a new one and my computer work normally again (after BIOS rewrite for second time).


About one week after I tried to put the Corsair memory again to run and the problem happened again.


So, now I sent my motherboard again to rewrite the BIOS and would like to send my memory stick to RMA.


Could someone help me with it?


Thanks and Regards.



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