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CMXSSD512-2700LLAW ...what is it??


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I need to replace the memory in a laptop, as it has become majorly corrupted. I don't know what to replace it with though... I can't seem to find any info on this type of ram stick. Can anybody help me out with what this computer needs based on what I found inside it? Thanks!


It's an Alienware laptop that seems to be refurbished, it doesn't have a typical model #, though it is a Sentia. I know nothing of the motherboard, but I can probably find out (I just don't want to put the memory back in right now and figure it out). I'm hoping somebody can tell me what I need to know based on the following...


The current ram has this written on it: CMXSD512-2700LLAW LOT# 0436045-2

IMAGE = http://ox.ca/3oc


I couldn't find it on the Corsair Configurator Recommend page. I can't find anything about it actually. SDRAM?, DDR?, etc. I just need to be certain of course. And what might the LLAW mean? Thanks in advance.

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You would need to contact the reseller as we made this part specifically for them only and they would be the point of contact to get them replaced for that same part. If it's still available. Sorry.
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