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RMA request for 1 of 2 CMX512-3200C2 memory sticks

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I am sorry if there is already a post for this specific memory module, but there were 223 pages in the warranty section as of this writing, and I'd rather read an e-book.

The problem I am experiencing is that one of the two memory sticks CMX512-3200C2 is not functional. My troubleshooting constituted the following:

1. BIOS produces repetative system beeps with both chips in

2. BIOS produces repetative system beeps with faulty chip in

2. BIOS stopped beeping after booting without the faulty chip


I purchased the two Corsair Memory chips less than a year ago after receiving reasurance from friends that its the best memory money can buy and would very much like to have the broken chip replaced. Please advice me about how I should proceed from here. Thank you.

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