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Corsair Nautilus 500 foam pad/cpu pins problem


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I've had my Corsair Nautilus 500 for approx. 3.5 months now. Purchased from Newegg on 2/13/07.


It's been working flawlessly until now.....and now I've got a major problem.


I'm transitioning to a new motherboard and case and took apart my current setup to move most of the hardware, sans mb, to the new mb and case.


Unfortunately, the foam block for the cpu mounting appears now to be packed down...it won't "spring" back up. And three of the plastic mounting posts just self-destructed when I tried to remove them from my present motherboard, an Intel BX2, to move them to my new motherboard, an Asus P5K-Deluxe.


Any way to buy/get/obtain new plastic cpu mounting pins and a new foam block? I cannot use the Nautilus as it sits right now without some major modifications......like trying to fit spring-loaded screws and a back plate for mounting the water block's top plate and maybe having to use some sort of spacer I can find to use for tension on the water block.







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