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I recently (May 11) returned one stick of memory for replacement. It was received on May 14. After no communication from Corsair, I called on May 22nd. Spoke with customer service and also a tech support supervisor. I was told the memory would be shipped that day, and I would receive it on Friday May 25.


Friday I called Corsair again, UPS hadn't been here so I wanted to check. Spoke with another person in customer service and was told it still hadn't been shipped but it would be shipped out today (friday) via over-night express and I'd have the memory on saturday. I asked for the tracking information, and was told that information would not be available til Saturday.


I still haven't received the ram. I checked with UPS on Saturday and was told that all over-nighted packages for my area would be delieved by 130pm.


Could you please tell me who I need to get in touch with at Corsair to actually get the memory shipped out?


Thank you.

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We are sorry about that, I know there have been some system problems and I am sorry. Please call our customer service tomorrow morning after 8:30 AM Pacific Time and ask for a supervisor, 888-222-4346 Ext "0"
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