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Ram Guy query: Mac Mini (again)


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I see a couple of messages from the past asking basically the same question - is <part number> ram suitable for the Mac Mini?

My question is much the same, though with a bit of additional info:

Apple, on this page, lists these requirements for the Mac Mini memory:

* PC2700 or PC3200 Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)

* 2.5 volt

* 8-byte

* non-parity

* 64-bit wide

* 184-pin module

* maximum of 16 memory devices on the DIMM

* unbuffered—do not use registered or buffered SDRAM

* maximum height of 50 mm

The memory configurator (on the Corsair site) only lists PC2700 parts (CMSS1GB-333, VS1GB333).

I'm wondering if the PC3200 part - VS1GB400C3, which is less expensive at my local shop - would be suitable as well?


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Well you are welcome to try them, but it has not been tested and it may not work, I would see if the reseller will let you bring the system to the store and test it for you first.
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