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HX520w Problem


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I bought an HX520w recently.


I'm using it on a ASUS A7NBX-VM motherboard with a 20-pin ATX connector.


With the HX520w plugged into a wall outlet and hooked up to everything (including the MB, 1GB of RAM, 4 hard drives, one DVD drive, one case fan, and an NVidia 6200) I get the single green MB LED light on. Pushing the power button doesn't turn on the computer. When the HX520w is connected to just the MB, and nothing else, I get the same behavior: a green led on the MB lights up, but pushing the power button doesn't start the machine.


One thing pushing the power button does do is make the green led on the MB switch off, and as long as the power button is held down, the led will blink.


When connected to the old 250W no-name PSU I have, the system powers up without any problems.


I'm wondering if the HX520w I have is bad, or if it just won't work with my older MB and system, or what.


Any help appreciated,


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