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2x CMSS1GB-400SOD Problem

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I've noticed that many of these posts have been made but I figured my personal system information might have a different diagnosis. So before I start take steps to fix this problem I wanted to seek professional advice.


I bought 2 sticks of CMSS1GB-400SOD about a month ago for my Dell Inspiron 9100. At first I experienced no problems. After about a week I started randomly receiving a 'Physical Dump of Memory' blue screen. This problem happens randomly with no patterns. It seems to happen less if I turn my computer off for about 30 minutes before trying to use it again. Most recently it started 'Decreasing Available Memory'. It has been changing my memory to 756MB, which was the amount of memory my computer last used before replacing it with Corsair memory. After available memory is decreased my computer experiences no error screens. My computer only recognizes 768MB under the System Properties dialog box, but CPU-Z and other tools recognize that 2GB of memory is available.


My system information is as follow:

CPU: Intel P4 HT 2.8GHz Prescott Socket 478 mPGA

Memory (information from CPU-Z):

- Type: DDR

- Channel #: Dual

- Size: 2048MB

- Performance mode: Disabled

- Frequency: 199.5MHz

- FSB:DRAM: 1:1

- CAS# Latency: 3.0 Clocks

- RAS# to CAS# Delay: 3 Clocks

- RAS# Precharge: 3 Clocks

- Cycle time (Tras): 8 Clocks

Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128MB

Motherboard: Dell 0W1450 (BIOS: A03)


If any more information is needed please let me know. All tips and advice welcome. Thank you!

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Sounds suspiciously like a heat build up problem. If it were me, I'd unplug the system, open it up, and clean out any accumulated dust, paying particular attention to any dust bunnies that might have tried to wedge themselves into the fins of the processors heatsink. While I was in there, I'd probably reseat the RAM as well, just to clear up the possibility of oxidation builup on the pins.
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Quiet possible. The Inspiron 9100 is known for overheating. I had cleaned out the computer with canned air before installing the memory. I use I8kfangui to monitor the internal temperatures and fan speeds. The current temperatures read:


CPU: 55C

GPU: 58C

Memory: 49C


The CPU temperature sometimes climbs as high as 64C during intense computer usage. The GPU and memory temps also increase (~5C). I've tried reseating the memory and have checked the slots for any dust with only temporary luck. The problem subsides for awhile, then returns.

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Notebooks can be a pain in the butt to clean out. Usually, without totally opening them, using compressed air tends to just push the dust to the vents, effectively blocking the exhaust and consequently trapping the heat. If the vents aren't totally blocked, sometimes just raising the front or back edge of the notebook a bit can help.
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