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Bad Speed on Voyager GT 4GB


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My Flash Voyager GT 4GB seems to be very slow. Bought it here in Germany for about three weeks. Sometimes Vista also can´t detect the Voyager GT after a reboot. So i must pull it out and insert again, then it works until next reboot.


Is the same problem on Notebook and Desktop.


See the hdbench logfile...


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Try HD Tune or Flash Memory Toolkit to check the write and read Speed, i have a 4GB Flash Voyager GT and the speed in HD Tach is more slow than the 2GB model.







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Thank´s for the help, but the speed problem was gone now.


I have used the Voyager GT in the last two days with Windows XP and have had a Burst Speed of around 35.3 MB/s. Before that i used the Voyager GT with Windows Vista and there i had a Burst Speed of only 14.8 MB/s.


Now after the use with Windows XP, i have also a Burst Speed of 35 MB/s in Windows Vista and everything seems to be O.K.



Is there a known problem with Vista ??

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