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Broken Flash Voyager

Phillip Bryant

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About six months ago I purchased a 4 gig Flash Voyager to store the extremely large files necessary for me to complete my senior project and design work. However, just this last week the head piece of my flash drive broke off. I was simply removing the card from a monitor monted USB drive and the metal piece stayed in the computer. The computer I was plugged into is a 1 yr old library college computer of California Polytechnic, in high quality condition.


Prior to this occurance the head of the flash drive had become particularly wobbly, but I figured that was part of the rubberized exterior, and not a true indication of the connection quality.


Regardless, sorry for the long story but I wanted to give credence to the occurence. Please let me know what options remain for my acquiring of a new flash drive. I'm near the end of the quarter and this loss has added a lot of stress and frustration since there were a lot of important files on the flash.

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