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Is it my Memory?


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I've just upgraded to a new computer 1200$ and it's giving me headaches


Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard

Amd X2 4600+ Energy Efficient Cpu

BFG 8800 GTS OC 320mb

500w Power Supply


TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX Memory

Every time I push the power button it likes to beep a whole bunch and I have to try it several times and usually it comes down to me fiddling with the memory, I don't have any real knowledge and maybe I have some setting incorrectly set (that's possible as in truth I haven't got a clue) and maybe that's why the memory isn't working correctly (I can't think of anything else it could possibly be. Please help me figure out what it is (I hope to God it's simple enough for me to do...)

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The beeps you're hearing are actually error codes that are specific to the brand of BIOS your board is using. To find out what the beeps mean just google "BIOS beep codes" (without the quotes) and pick a link detailing the meaning for your particular board's BIOS brand. On a side note, however, I have a strong suspicion that you've run into the inadequate supply phenomenom. Among Ultra's stable of 500watt supplies, as far as I'm aware of, there are only two versions capable of meeting the BFG 8800GTS 320MB OC card's MINIMUM 28amps on the +12volt rail requirement. It's also never a good idea to pick a supply that will have to run at Max to power the system, tends to wear the supply out fast.
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