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Memtest Errors on my rma replacement!!!

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Well Im not too much of a happy camper, Ive had to wait over a week and half to get my modules warrantied, and the so called replacement modules you sent me are causing errors. I am not to happy as my work iis on the computer, no computer no money for me. I have tried the modules in the other slots of my motherboard, it is a asus a8n32sli, and the cpu is a a64 3700+, please respond asap. Thanks.



Edit: well I obviously did a cmos reset before installing the modules, I did set the timings and voltage manually to 2.5-3-3-6 2.75 volts, but I forgot to disable usb legacy in my bios, I have since done that and so far so good, I will edit and tell you if it runs all the way through.


Edit: Bingo, these damn asus mobos, turning the usb legacy back off stopped the problems, thanks corsair for your outstanding rma service.

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