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VS512MB400 Problem on an ECS P4M800-M7


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My problem is this. My mother board is an ECS P4M800-M7. I have a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz LGA 775 Processor and 1 512MB DDR Memory module installed. (VS512MB400 - Chip label is 32M8BDB). I have been running this for over a year now with no problems. I recently decided to upgrade my memory. I bought a supposedly identicle memory module. Store part number was the same. Manufacturer part number was the same. Second part number is VS512MB400 - chip label is 64M8DAG. With the second memory module installed the system is very unstable. Lots of application errors, stop errors and system hangs. I have updated the bios to the latest version available. When I remove the second memory module all is good. When I try to use just the second memory module the system will not POST. The only difference I can find is the label on the chips are different and that there must a problem there somewhere. I have already returned the second memory module once.


Any ideas?



Michael Weber


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