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Gigabyte 965P-DS4 and IRQL_NOT_LESS...


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My board is the Gigabyte 965P-DS4, Dual Core 6600, CORSAIR TWINX DDR2 6400 CL5 2GB (2X1GB) DUAL CHANNEL KIT, Geforce 7950GT, X-FI.


I set up my system under VISTA ultimate, just installed chipset drivers and while downloading my nvidia drivers i got the BSOD "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". No file was mentioned, just the stop message.


I updated the Bios to F9, downloaded the latest mainboard drivers, did a fresh install of vista, and while copying my backup files to my new HD, again BSOD.


Then i did the Vista memory check and it didnt show errors. I downloaded memtest and also, after an hour no errors.


Then i did an install of XP Professional and my system started behaving strangely...sometimes i couldnt click anything on my desktop anymore, it showed that some files werent there anymore (but they were there, on my desktop), Explorer crashed, i suddenly had a black screen and my system stopped responding and also the IRQL_NOT...message again. Some programs like Corel gave a message that the corel.exe wasnt there anymore, but obviously it was still there. A reboot always helped, but now and then when i started Windows, this stuff happens again.


I am using AVAST antivirus and i did an online scan, no virus found. Also i did again a fresh installation, but those things happens still, incl. the BSOD.


Now i wonder if my board has any problems with the RAM modules?

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Gigabyte 965P-DS4 V3.3, Bios F9, Intel Dual Core 6600, CORSAIR TWINX DDR2 6400 CL5 2GB (2X1GB) DUAL CHANNEL KIT, Winfast Geforce PX7950GT, Creative Soundblaster X-FI Extreme Gamer, 2xWD2500KS 250MB SATA2 HDDs. System is a fresh Windows XP Professional SP2/Vista Ultimate with actual drivers from the net. Antivirus is AVAST 4.7.


My Bios is pretty much all on default, no overclocking, all timings and voltages on "auto".


The memtest i used ist the 1.70, downloaded today the bootable cd version.


I did earlier a 8-pass test with no errors but the voltage is back at standard. When i up it 0.1V it freezes 40% at the first pass.

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