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1 Stick heating up more than the other

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I got a TWINX2048 6400C4 on my computer. It was working alright until today. While playing the computer just hangs up with a high pitch sound coming from speakers. While testing with Orthos i can notice one module is significantly hotter than the other (by touching it) specially the nearest part to the mem slot. Any idea on what to do? I have lowered to 750Mhz and now Orthos is running... ill update tomorrow after Orthos have made a series of passes (i hope it can)


Update. After 25 minutes of Orthos and a clearly hotter memory stick I disconnected my Logitech extreme 3D joystick and i can say for sure that the stick that was hotter went back to normal!!! I mean WTF!!!. As much as keep repeating myself that these two things doesn't have a connection i keep touching the second stick and it is no longer hotter than the other stick! RAM GUY... is this possible? Before disconnecting the device i could barely keep my fingers for more that 10 secs over the mem stick before starting to "burn". Now i just can keep them there as long as i want!!!. This happened right after unplugging the joystick!


FYI this problem started today. I had the joystick unplugged until yesterday night!!!! and i didn't play that night

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