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Stick of failed CMX1024-3200C2PT

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Hello! I have a stick of RAM that just recently failed on me. It is part of a double pack of 1gig sticks..


I was having some issues with windows and blue screens that mentioned memory issues. It got to the point where I could not even boot my machine for more than a few seconds without a bluescreen.


I figured I had just gotten a virus or something became corrupted... but my computer failed to install XP (was getting errors on reading and copying certain files off the disk, which is a common problem for bad memory) nor would ubuntu's LiveCD boot up.


I removed the memory sticks individually and ran Memtest... the one module in question failing with hundreds of thousands of errors, and the other module being perfectly fine.


So I removed the defective module and all problems are fixed. It is most definitely a bad stick :(

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Wonderful.. thank you very much. A quick question if that is alright... must I send both modules back? This would unfortunately render my computer unuseable for the duration of the exchange period and I don't have any spare sticks laying around. If I can avoid that I would love it.


Not a huge deal if I must send both back, I have other computers to use, but I figured I would ask to make sure.


Thanks much though, the terrific customer support and product quality is exactly the reason why I've been a loyal corsair fanboy since I bought my first stick of 4meg of corsair RAM at age 12 :)

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