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I have everything but the CPU & Ram. I'm running a P4C800-E Rev 2.00 and I'm looking to get my system to 3.6Ghz. If I bought a 3.2 and used 4000Pro, would I be able to get it up to 3.6? Or should I get a slower CPU? I think I would rather get a faster CPU to start with so it will run cooler. I'm new to over clocking so I'm not sure. Or would I be better off getting the 3.4Ghz and just run 3200Pro. Some how, I just don't feel right about getting a 2.4 or 2.6, when I can buy a 3.2 for only $275. I can't wait anymore. I want to buy everything tonight... P.S. I just ordered the 4000 Pro. I'm going to wait a few hrs to order the CPU and see if anyone helps me with this. If not, I'm going with the 3.2 for $275. Its a deal. Dunno if I will be able to hit 3.6, but.. what the hell.
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